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The second evening began on a serene note with Belgian Utreya + Gestalt. Five people, all dressed in white shirts, and each playing a variety of instruments throughout the set - varying from keyboards and electronic bass to a number of medieval instruments, the names of which I am in ignorance of.
The set was structured like a musical "book," or maybe more precisely a play, with a number of "chapters" or "acts." The lead vocalist, or "speaker" as it were, read from a large leather-bound tome (in Flemish), he was accompanied by the rest of the band, and each part of the story was separated by musical interludes.

Aside from the moody soundtrack, the story was also heightened by effects at select moments throughout the set: At one point, the shadow of a demon appeared on the white sheet that constituted the backdrop for the seance, and at the end of the story, flames shot out of the book, and nearly managed to also ignite the goatee of the "speaker."

I had not heard of the ensemble previous to this festival, and as I do not understand Flemish, the literary part of Utreya + Gestalt was lost on me. However, there was plenty to look at, and the music was often a pleasure - in considerable part due to the novelties of the instrumentation.