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Sideline, Brussel

'I discovered this Flemish band on the deceiving 'Even Dogs in the Wild' sampler and it was just one of the numerous bands, which didn't catch my attention! Adamas is their second demo and it's hard to believe, I'm here in front of the same project!

This demo is a kind of concept, on which Bart De Poorter collaborated with several guest musicians and a guest female vocalist. It's really hard to describe the music of Gestalt, but I guess the best way is to define it as an esoteric entity, combining gothic and medieval influences. The mystical atmospheres running over this album have been composed by a bunch of traditional instruments in conjunction with synth sounds. The female vocal parts are for sure the most wondering element of this tape, because everything is sung in Dutch! Quite unusual, but it works.

More than once I got the impression to discover a kind of Belgian opponent to German bands like Das Ich or Goethes Erben, even if I will not compare their respective styles. Gestalt sounds much more like a very personal composition, inspired by gothic formations like Ataraxia for their Mysticism and Goethes Erben for the poetry of the lyrics. These lyrics are very secret too, treating legends, dreams,... the unconscious desires and images of Gestalt... who knows?

Thanks to Adamas, they'll erase the less convincing presence on the previous mentioned sampler, but I'm afraid most of you will just discover them through this compilation! This is one of the most professional and with upmost perfection demo releases I discovered over the last months! Congratulations! (DP 9/10)