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Dreamhouse, Geel

'On this release Gestalt are Bart De Poorter and Arsizoë, assisted by Yves Ragolle (guitar), Jan De Craemer (trombone), Annelies Holluyn (German flute), Boudewijn Vandenbroucke (bass) and Ultreya (lyre, shawm, teorfiddle).

The music is mystic and dark. Lyrics are in Dutch and spoken by both Arsizoë and Bart De Poorter. Trombones sound eerie, percussion is mystic,... Note the use of medieval instruments towards the end.

Gestalt have developed their own style, which mixes dark, mystic, medieval, middle eastern and modern elements. Lyrics (in Dutch) are written in poetical pysticism. Listening to Gestalt is like taking a walk through a forest covered with mist. Recording quality is very high and the cover is professional. Lyrics are included.

Although all four songs are about fifteen minutes long, they never are boring, due to several changes of mood. (Chris Taelemans)